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Not sure what we can teach, or how long a topic will take? The below list shows our most popular topics. This is not an exhaustive list; if you would like other resources or topics addressed, we’d be happy to discuss the options with you.

For all classes

Will your students need to…[time required]
Points Covered
Develop a search strategy? (highly recommended) [10 minutes]
  • Brainstorming a topic
  • Narrowing topics
  • Identifying keywords and synonyms

Use the library’s catalog to look for books or DVDs? [10 minutes]

  • Finding books and videos on a topic
  • Accessing electronic books
  • Using call numbers to locate items in the building

Know the difference between popular and scholarly articles? [20 minutes]

  • Comparing and contrasting journals vs magazines articles
  • Discussing the publication process

Evaluate Websites? [50 minutes]

  • Analyzing sites for credibility

Learn how to cite in APA or MLA to avoid plagiarism? [50 minutes-75 minutes]

  • Understanding when to cite
  • Using the APA or MLA Libguides
  • Creating a reference and in-text citation for a source

Use general interest databases to find articles on common, popular topics? [15 minutes per database]

  • Using databases like SuperSearch to find articles on topics
  • Using the “find full text” link to retrieve articles

For Upper Level Classes (students have library basics)

Will your students need to… [time required]
Points Covered
Mine a good article to discover other relevants sources on their topics? [30 minutes]
  • Find full text from a bibliography or works cited list
  • Reading citations
  • Distinguishing between book and article citations
  • Finding the full titles of abbreviated journal names
  • Using the catalog and journal finder to locate items
  • Searching a database to find related articles (especially through the use of subject headings)

Track the literature to find articles which cited an important work? [20 minutes]

  • Using Web of Knowledge and other tools to find citation information

Identify the different types of scholarly articles? [15 minutes]

  • Comparing and distinguishing between: research articles and literature reviews; primary vs. secondary
  • Discussing what peer-reviewed means

Search specialized databases for their fields? [30 minutes per database]

  • How to search for topics in PsycINFO, CINAHL; ERIC; Sociological Abstracts, Web of Science, etc.

Avoid plagiarism through correct APA or MLA citations[50-75 minutes]

  • How to cite quotes, summaries, and paraphrases
  • Recognize a ‘good’ paraphrase from a ‘bad’ paraphrase
  • Learn strategies to correctly paraphrase

Request articles and books through Interlibrary Loan? [10 minutes]

  • How to log in to ILL
  • How to request an article
  • How to access articles received

Course-specific options

Univ 100: Library Challenge [50 minutes]
  • Students play a Jeopardy-style game complete with buzzers and prizes to learn about McConnell Library.

Univ 100: iPod Scavenger Hunt [50 minutes]
  • Students use iPods to physically explore McConnell Library.

Core 201: Amazing Library Race [50-75 minutes]
  • Students compete in teams to learn about finding scholarly sources and writing annotations.

Core 201: Flipped Classroom [50-75 minutes]
  • Students complete a series of quizzes in Desire2Learn before the library day. The librarian and professor then help students find their sources.

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